ASL Resources


A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL

A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL is an ASL literature resource specializing in ABC storytelling. This DVD includes a collection of twenty-six ABC stories told by six people as well as descriptions of the four basic principles that make up a good ABC story. This DVD benefits ASL students in advanced levels and anyone who uses ASL as primary language.



ASLized! is a website that incorporates ASL educational research into visual media and literacy. It is a place where people can submit their ASL literature and ASL linguistics research to be selected by a trained and specialized committee. The website is reliable for students, teachers, advocates, and anyone else who is involved the Deaf community. The objective of the website is to produce teaching and learning materials in ASL for ASL literature and ASL linguistics.


1,000 ASL Faces

1,000 ASL Faces, a teaching resource produced by Keith Cagle, focuses on his research of non-manual markers made in ASL production, which total 1,000 ASL facial expressions. The target audience for this material is directed at ASL and interpreting teachers to educate others about the cultural misunderstandings that often occur between Deaf and hearing individuals. In addition, he defines what non-manual signals in ASL are, their functions, and ASL mouthing.


Live at SMI!

Live at SMI is a teaching resource for ASL Literature, produced in 1992, that showcases Elinor Kraft, a modern day storyteller of the Deaf community. Elinor Kraft shares stories about her family, her famous poker games, dating and adventures on a cruise ship. The target audience is made up of parents and older children as well as teachers and students of advanced ASL and interpreting. The purpose of this resource is to collect literature about the experience of Deaf individuals. In addition, this video encourages the improvement of receptive skills of its viewers. For students of ASL, this video gives them a better understanding of both the culture and language of the Deaf community as well as an introduction to the meaning of ASL literature. For individuals who use ASL as their primary language, this video gives them the opportunity to enjoy ASL literature as well as share similar experiences with other members of the Deaf community.


Signing Naturally Levels  1, 2, & 3

Dawn Sign Press’ popular Signing Naturally Levels 1, 2, and 3 are curriculum materials for ASL instruction use and are ideal for ASL teachers. The curriculum mainly focuses on two teaching methods: Communicative Language Teaching and the Functional-Notional Approach, with an emphasis on the target-language immersion approach. This curricula includes a teacher’s guide, instructor materials and more to guide teachers like you, in teaching ASL efficiently. 


Bird of a Different Feather & For a Decent Living

Bird of a Different Feather is excellent for people who enjoy ASL literature or teach ASL classes in either L1 or L2 setting. This resource includes a DVD and a student workbook comprised of two ASL narratives signed by Dr. Ben Bahan and Dr. Sam Supalla, both of whom have achieved national recognition for their work.


ASL Poetry

ASL Poetry, over twenty ASL poems created by Clayton Valli, exemplifies a passion for ASL as a medium for self-expression. This resource is intent on educating its viewers about the capacity, diversity and comprehensiveness of ASL Poetry. Performed by people with diverse and varied signing backgrounds and styles, this DVD is organized and easy to navigate through. In addition to the clips of Deaf individuals illustrating the power of poetry in their native language, this DVD includes narration throughout which is designed to provide its audience with a more thorough understanding of ASL poetry.